Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Further Time Machine-esque behaviour

My earlier post on Time Machine-esque backups ( )  has some useful links for getting regular differential backups going. However, it can be done more neatly, particularly when it come to Windows, and I've come across a nifty solution here

This approach requires the vshadow.exe application, which is its own can of worms. Typically, vshadow ships with a/the Windows SDK - ServerFault has some info ( ) which suggests getting the Vista era SDK (v6.1, from ). You will only need to install the "Win32 Developer Tools" component; you can ignore everything else.

Using VSS (Volume Shadow Service) will allow an internally-consistent copy to be made of a Windows drive. All I then need to do is port the script here ( ) to Windows. I could use the script to push the image onto the file server, where it can update SVN repository (a physical backup, for bare metal recovery). Handling the (Windows) shadow drive can be achieved using the Windows-native 'dd' from . The same dd tool can be used for an 'easy' recovery. If I get this right, it should be Windows native, and easy to install/maintain.

A separate job will pick out user directories for the Time Machine treatment (more of a logical backup, also on my file server, for basic file recovery) via the mercifully short script I previously linked to, thus:

Technically, I could use Zumastor/ddsnap on the file server to get snapshots/revisions, and I still might...

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